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intaglio hand pulled print some armenians
Some Armenians 1/4
7 3/4" x 5 7/8"

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From a dream: I am at an event in the basement of the Armenian church in Providence, RI. An older Armenian woman pulls out a very old book to show me, “The Cugr of the Armenians”. I tell her I have dreams about what happened. I start crying. She nods knowingly. The book has a torn cover. I say I want to know what happened in Malatya. By the map in the book, I see that what this book is about is Malatya April 24, 1915. The first pages of the book are children’s drawings. She tells me the people ate raw bulgur. I enter the book and see that the vertically scribbled drawing is a huge wheat field. The people are trying to harvest quickly. They know that the Turkish soldiers are coming soon. They have a plan to hide in a cave in the mountains. To stay hidden, they will have no fires there. They will have to eat the bulgur raw. I am moving towards them, but I am still hidden in the tall grains of wheat. Before I can reach them, the ground shakes with the sounds of soldiers hoof beats. See “At Malatya” next.


Handpulled, drawn and printed by Cynthia Motian McGuirl

TITLE: “SomeArmenians”
DATE: 1998
MEDIUM: Intaglio: hardground, aquatint, chine colle
IMAGE SIZE: 7 3/4” x 5 7/8”
Magnani Pescia soft white 300gr
PAPER SIZE: 11” x 10”
INK: Gamblin Portland Black

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WP Working Proofs: 4
x/x Arabic Numbered: 4
TP Trial Proofs:
II x/x Series #2 Edition: 3
CTP Color Trial Proofs: 3
AP Artist Proofs: 1
VE Variant Edition: 8
S1 State 1:
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