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Disembodied intaglio print
Disembodied 2/4
6" x 7 1/4"

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A vision during a fainting spell as a teenager: I’m traveling down a long black tunnel. I feel like the wind. There is no physical body or thought. I am traveling very fast. All of the sudden, I realize what is happening. I come back to consciousness- I do not want to do this. I slowly go back. I am beginning to be able to see. I see a tiny desert. It gets larger and larger as I move towards it. It is replacing the black. I can see myself- or rather my body- lying in the desert. I am just a speck, but I am getting larger and clearer as I travel closer. I am very close to my body. I begin to hear the voices of my friends calling me. I cannot see them or speak. I very slowly leave the desert and gradually come to consciousness in my body. I am very shaky and frightened.
Looking back on this event, I relate it to the experience of my great grandaunt when she was half dead in the Syrian Desert (see “Morcord’s Melons”).


Handpulled, drawn and printed by Cynthia Motian McGuirl

TITLE: “Disembodied”
DATE: 2007
MEDIUM: Intaglio: hardground, aquatint, scraping, burnishing, chine colle
PLATE: Copper
IMAGE SIZE: 6” x 7 1/4”
PAPER: Rives BFK white 250gr
Chine colle: gold & silver flecked tan
PAPER SIZE: 10” x 11”
INK: Gamblin Portland Black, mixed blue-green Graphic Chemical

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WP Working Proofs: 5
x/x Arabic Numbered: 4
TP Trial Proofs: 2
II x/x Series #2 Edition: 4
CTP Color Trial Proofs:
AP Artist Proofs: 1
VE Variant Edition:
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