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Burned Down House-Video(click)
Accordion structure inside a hammered copper box. Dyed kozo hinges, 18 pages of 250gsm cotton paper, 9 unique acrylic paintings on gessoed paper, handset letterpress, hand-stitched with waxed linen, vintage glass beads, hand-marbled papers.
13 x 9.5 x 1"; 9.75 x 74.5" open. Unique box; variant edition (text block) of 6.

Currently, for the first time, I’m making books with other people’s words. For Burned Down House, I used a novel outline my daughter wrote when she was a teenager. I came across her scrawled notes and was intrigued by the images and stories evoked by the sparse words. For Burned Down House: Fragments, I made a series of mini stories by mixing and matching the letterpress sections of text in the complete book. I hope people will read the books, look at the painted illustrations, and fill out the stories with their imaginations. And maybe evoke a different narrative the next time they read it.