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Alien Cafe intaglio hand pulled print
Alien Cafe VE 2/12
7 3/4" x 9 3/4"

Please inquire about other prints in this series.

From a dream: I fly down a milky white tunnel. It leads to a large brick, cylinder shaped building. I am inside of it, and it is very tall. The people (and/or aliens) are sitting at tables on different floor shelves that are at different heights going up the wall. I can't quite make out who or what they are or what they are doing. I involuntarily start to fly out. I think they don't want me to see or I'm not supposed to see. I think, "Hey, wait. I don't want to leave." I grab onto a ledge. I look down and all the aliens pop closer to me, like I'm zooming in on them. They are sitting at tables on different ledges/levels/angles eating and drinking. They all wave goodbye, a little sarcastically. I am sucked out by a strong force of wind. I wake up.